rotogravure printing

Founded in 1963 as the
first rotogravure company
in Greater China

quality insurance
iso 9001 haccp fssc certified
environment conservation

Quality assurance
from Toyota Production System 

ISO 9001, HACCP,
FSSC Certified

Conserving the environment
with RCO and RTO technology

international network

International network of
distributors and packaging partners



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Our Founders


Formosa Packaging was founded by Mr. Huang Lieh-Ho in 1963 in Taipei as the first flexible packaging company in Greater China. Pursuing the dream of improving peoples' quality of life in China and Taiwan, Mr. Huang started Hotai in 1930s and lived his legend of running businesses to help the people and contribute to the community. Today Hotai Group has become a globally presented group with 50 subsidiaries and 139 associated companies across various industries including automobile, food, finance, real estate, manufacturing etc.

Ever since, Formosa Packaging has been serving a diverse client base. Over the years, we have become internationally well-known for our high quality products and excellent value-added services. We deliver what our clients expect from a world class industry leader: strictly controlled quality, just-in-time manufacturing, and ethical corporate responsibility. With a team of 300 experienced staff who serve clients in more than 60 countries, Formosa Packaging ensures our clients that we are capable of helping you maximize your business potential.


For over 50 years, Formosa has provided high-quality customized flexible packaging that has earned the trust of customers in a variety of industries. Formosa fulfills your flexible packaging needs with innovative technology, reliable quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding service. Whether you are developing new products or need to improve an existing one, we will walk you through every step of the process from material analysis and recommendation to packaging and graphic design to technical support.


Our consultative approach and local representation ensures that you are receiving help from someone local and knowledgeable to the industry. We want to provide you with the best product and service, and that’s why we are committed to understanding your packaging needs and maximizing your operational efficiency.

Our Manufacturing Team
Fancy Food Show packaging trade show


Formosa provides flexible packaging for companies covering the food, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, chemical, and technology industry. Formosa has attracted and maintained a wide range of companies, both big and small, as we offer a partnership that brings more than just a product. With a legacy going back 50 years, we offer our customers extensive industry know-how and a competitive edge by developing unique and excellent flexible packaging solutions for you. As a devoted business partner to our customers, we are committed to offering the best brand presentation and packaging functions.


At Formosa, we strive to translate our competitiveness to our customers. Led by a desire to be the best flexible packaging partner, we seek to fulfill and exceed expectations through continuous innovation and creativity. Formosa is eager to collaborate with our customers through every step of the process; that is why we make it our mission to understand the needs of your product, company, and industry. Your success is our ultimate business

Our Team