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Choose Recyclable

Looking for a more eco-friendly packaging solution? Our LÜ-R recyclable film series will meet your brand's needs in sustainability, durability, and shelf-appeal!

Revolutionize Your Cosmetics Line

When it comes to beauty products, stunning packaging is a must! Learn about the types of packaging we offer that will take your cosmetics brand to the next level!

Packaging that's Pet Owner-Approved

Looking to package pet treats, kibble, and more? Learn why our flexible packaging is the best solution for pet owners everywhere!

Why Barrier Performance Matters

A film's barrier is one of the most important layers in flexible packaging that can determine the preservation, shelf life, and production cost of your product. Learn what material is best for your product's packaging!

Packaging to Match all Cravings!

Want all eyes on your product? Make your brand stand out on shelves with attractive packaging that will highlight your snack product!

Which Coffee Packaging is Right For You?

Our technology make it easy to enjoy a fresh, hot meal! Built to withstand the heat, see what our retort/aseptic pouches can do for your product!

Want a Meal That's Ready in Minutes?

Our technology make it easy to enjoy a fresh, hot meal! Built to withstand the heat, see what our retort/aseptic pouches can do for your product!

Got Liquids? We've Got a Solution

We make handling liquid products a breeze with leak-resistant pouches and easy-to-pour tap spouts. Our liquid pouches are convenient and made with the consumer in mind!

Press Release

Formosa Packaging announces the acquisition of FoilFlex, a packaging and printing company based in Southern California. 

Press Release

Formosa Packaging, the global leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, acquires its first manufacturing subsidiary in the United States. 

Why Flexible Packaging is Trending

Flexible packaging has become one of the fastest growing packaging sectors and the trend continues. Learn how flexible packaging can benefit consumers as well as your business.

Common Packaging Mistakes

With the number of factors that go into packaging design, sometimes one decision can make or break your packaging. Want to know about 12 common packaging mistakes that should be avoided?

10 Ways Flexible Outperforms Rigid

Ditch the rigid packaging and go flexible.

Not convinced? Check out these ten reasons why flexible packaging is the better option.

Environmental Upsides to Flexible

Find out why flexible packaging is a more sustainable option compared to other types of packaging. Formosa is a leader in creating innovative solutions to help meet consumer needs while thinking about a sustainable future. 

Formosa Introduces L​Ü Series Compostable Packaging

Formosa Flexible Packaging has launched LÜ, creating a whole new series of sustainable packaging. From compostable to recyclable, from 2-layer to 3-layer, LÜ provides a series of sustainable films to satisfy various customer needs.

We're Always Looking for Talent

Come see what working for a multinational company is all about and learn what are the top skills that we are looking for.

The Winter Fancy Food Show

Come visit Formosa Flexible Packaging this year at The Winter Fancy Food Show 2018! With over 50 years of experience in our industry, we will ensure that your every need is met by our dedicated team. 

Press Release

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Formosa is committed to bringing innovative technologies and efficient practices to customers in various industries since the company was founded in the 1960s.

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