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Updates on the latest info from our company.


Press Release

Formosa Packaging expands its capabilities to the East Coast with the acquisition of K & K Thermoforming, a thermoforming packaging company based in Massachusetts.


Choose Custom

Why settle for basic when you could have custom packaging that'll have everyone reaching for your product? Learn more about our packaging solutions that'll elevate your brand!


Press Release

Formosa Packaging merges and relocates two of its business units to a larger manufacturing facility in Valencia, CA. The new facility has 53,215 ft² that will provide ample space for expansion and growth. 

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Revolutionize Your Cosmetics Line

When it comes to beauty products, stunning packaging is a must! Learn about packaging solutions that'll take your cosmetics brand to the next level!


Packaging to Match
all Cravings

Want all eyes on your product? Make your brand the first one customers reach for with custom-made packaging that will highlight your snack product!


Got Liquids? We've Got a Solution

We make handling liquid products a breeze with leak-resistant pouches and easy-to-pour tap spouts--made with the consumer in mind!


Why Flexible Packaging is Trending

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing packaging sectors. Learn how going flexible can benefit consumers as well as your business.

LU Bags_edited.png

Formosa Introduces LÜ Series Compostable

Formosa Packaging has launched LÜ,  a whole new series of sustainable packaging ranging from compostable to recyclable!


Press Release

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Formosa is committed to bringing innovative technologies and efficient practices to customers since the company was founded in the 1960s.


Frozen Food Packaging Made to Last

Frozen products can stay stored in freezers for months at a time, so make sure your brand's packaging is both durable and functional!


Keep Your
Supplements Safe

Don't skimp out on packaging when it comes to supplements! Choosing high-quality packaging will improve both your product's performance and your customers' safety!


Quad Seals: Balance of Form and Function

Give your brand an edge with quad seal bags! Their unique shape allows for more stability than other pouches, all while giving your brand a high-end feel!


Packaging that's Pet Owner-Approved

Looking to package pet treats, kibble, and more? Learn why our custom stand up pouches and bags are a reliable solution for pet owners everywhere!


Which Coffee Packaging is Right for You?

With so many options to package your coffee product, it can be difficult to choose. We'll help you figure out which option is perfect for your brand!


Press Release

Formosa Packaging, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging,  expands its capabilities with the acquisition of FoilFlex, a packaging and printing company based in CA.

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Common Packaging Mistakes

Packaging design can be complex and requires attention to detail. We'll to help you avoid the 12 most common mistakes in packaging!


We're Always Looking
for Talent

Come see what working for a multinational company is all about and learn about the top skills that we are looking for.

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Press Release

Formosa Packaging, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging is relocating to a larger office in Irvine, CA. This new location will allow ample opportunities for growth.


Freshen Up Your Cleaning Products

Give your brand a fresh start and revolutionize the way you package your household cleaning products with our customizable flexible packaging solutions!


Choose Recyclable

Looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution to represent your brand? Our LÜ-R Recyclable film series will meet your brand's needs in sustainability, durability, and shelf-appeal!


Why Barrier
Performance Matters

A film's barrier can determine the preservation, shelf life, and production cost of your product! Learn what material is best for your packaging!


Want a Meal that's Ready in Minutes?

Our technology makes it easy to enjoy a fresh, hot meal! Built to withstand the heat, see what our retort/aseptic pouches can do for your product!


Press Release

Formosa Packaging, the global leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, acquires its first manufacturing subsidiary located in Chatsworth, California.

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Environmental Upsides to Flexible

Formosa is a leader in creating innovative solutions to meet consumer needs. Find out why flexible is the more sustainable packaging option. 


Winter Fancy Food Show

Come visit Formosa Packaging this year at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2018! With over 50 years of industry experience, we'll ensure that your needs are met by our team!

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