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High-performing, multi-layer packaging that requires high levels of expertise.


​Recommended Use: Soup, Sauce, Meat, Baby Food, Ready-to-Eat Meal

  • Retort/aseptic bags are highly functional packaging used for sterilization purposes. It can withstand 30 minutes of processing in high pressure and temperatures between 240°F - 250°F

  • Thermo processing kills microorganisms that induce spoiling.

  • They extend the shelf life of a product and are puncture-resistant

  • No refrigeration needed and has fewer preservatives



​Recommended Use: Chemical Resins, Food, Coffee, Agricultural Products

  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) is used to transport and store bulk quantities while offering a protective barrier. 

  • It holds up to 1 metric ton

  • Effortless storage and easy to transport 

  • Extended shelf-life that prevents flavor escape 

  • Oxygen, moisture, and erosion resistant

  • Prevents puncture and burst

  • Different sizes and shapes available 



Recommended Use: Interior circuit design, wafer foundry, assembly and testing, photoelectric undertaking, passive component

  • Formosa is the leader and pioneer in the antistatic packaging industry. Antistatic bags are able to protect delicate electrical components from being damaged by static and moisture.

  • Manufactured in Class 10,000 clean rooms, our antistatic bags are used in most of the static sensitive environments and trusted by some of the largest electronic industry players.

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