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Press Release

Formosa Packaging Expands its Capabilities to the East Coast

Irvine, California, Apr 12, 2023 – Formosa Packaging, the leading global manufacturer of specialized packaging, announces the acquisition of K & K Thermoforming, a thermoforming packaging company based in Massachusetts. 

"This acquisition will open up a new avenue of products in our portfolio and enhance the services we are able to provide," says Stephane Pyrek, Executive Vice President. He continues, "With our years of manufacturing expertise and vision for growth, Formosa is dedicated to elevating the customer experience and driving new business opportunities across expanded regions of the U.S."

With over 50 years of experience and know-how, Formosa provides high-quality customized packaging such as pouches and shrink sleeves that has earned the trust of customers in a variety of industries. Formosa fulfills your packaging needs with innovative technology, reliable quality, and outstanding service.

Press Contact

Jina Kim

Formosa Packaging
Phone: +1 (949) 943 - 3688

About Formosa Packaging

Formosa Packaging has become internationally well-known for its high quality products and excellent value-added services. Formosa Packaging delivers what our clients expect from a world-class industry leader: strictly controlled quality, just-in-time manufacturing, and ethical corporate responsibility. With 4 plants and a team of 450 experienced staff that serves clients in more than 60 countries, Formosa Packaging is ideally positioned to serve its customers.


About K & K 

K & K Thermoforming is a custom thermoformer located in Central Massachusetts. K & K has been manufacturing protective packaging since 1984 and is continually improving its processes, technology, and facilities to ensure each customer receives the highest quality product.

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